As health, education, and play researchers, we value recess. And in that, we know that everyone has a recess story. 

Your recess story might have one very specific memory.  Or you might have several memories about recess. Or possibly (hopefully) you’re still making recess stories!

Some are happy; others maybe not. 

The question is… what is your recess story? And how has it shaped your life? 

Our goal is to tell your stories in a somewhat organized fashion: to edit a book, exciting readers and inspiring advocacy for this essential/critical/undervalued/overlooked part of a student’s academic day.

Share this website with your friends and colleagues, please. Encourage them to share their recess stories so they, too will be part of

What Do You Mean Recess is Important!?!
Audacious Stories from Real People
Whose Lives were Changed by Recess

Thank you in advance! And keep playing!

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Feel free to contact one or both of us! 

Catherine Ramstetter, PhD, FASHA

Charlene Woodham Brickman, PhD